keithjennison June 8, 2009

If you were to ask a group of 100 people for their definition of a delicious dessert recipe, you’d probably get very few definitions and plenty of specific dessert names. You may say “The most delicious dessert in the world is chocolate cheesecake!” Then you’ve got lemon meringue pie, apple pie, ice cream cakes, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting … oh, truly, you could write a small dictionary of delicious dessert recipes! ‘Dictionary of the Delicious Dessert’ has a nice ring.

Every family has a little stash of recipes, handed down from generation to generation. Every family claims there’s nothing quite like their own secret family treasure, particularly when it comes to tasty dessert recipes. It may well be that just a teaspoon of this or that ingredient can make that lemon meringue pie recipe unique and your family just wouldn’t have it any other way.

My mother had her own little stash of brilliant dessert recipe cards, which she kept for a long time and most were handed down from her mom and aunts. The three of my favorite and most delicious dessert recipes are still with me. First is the fresh strawberry pie, a summer delight. Second is my grandmother’s secret lemon meringue pie. And the third is grandma’s famous Norwegian butter cookies.

Now these are the benchmarks against which I measure any other dessert. Although these delicious dessert recipes must be duplicated – almost – in millions of other households, even Marie Callendar’s pies don’t measure up to those pies. As for my Grandma’s cookies, well, they are like a little visit to Heaven on a plate.

The fresh strawberry pie had me closing my eyes, savoring the sweet delights of a mouthful of fresh strawberries, whipped cream and a flaky pastry I have yet to master. When it was strawberry season, my Grandma and Mom and all of us kids would pile into Grandma’s car and drive from San Francisco to Gilroy to buy strawberries from the farm stand vendors.

I think what made that delicious dessert recipe an all-time favorite is the fresh smell of a lot of fresh strawberries or the fact that it took all day to gather all the ingredients.

The lemon meringue pie made with fresh lemon and lemon zest is very lemony. The graham cracker crust added to its perfection.

As for those Norwegian butter cookies, there must be some Norwegian secret. No matter how I try to duplicate the plain butter cookie, with its ever so delicately browned edges, I cannot. I think you must have to be born in Norway or something. (She produced a similarly delicate and perfect pancake.)

So let’s hear your vote for the incomparably delicious dessert recipe! There must be thousands!

Article by Van T, you can learn more about him at his profile