keithjennison June 21, 2009

What has led me to continuously search for a collection of tuna recipe? Well I am getting older and once again I find myself living alone. Tuna is being sold in pouches which is easier to prepare nowadays. I need a serving size bigger than the small one and smaller than the big one! and this is the only obsession . I also require to find something more imaginative to do with it other than fling in some mayonnaise and mix it up. I need a good tuna recipe that is quick and easy. I have tried making a cold noodle and some tuna salad.

That is alright but I dont like to eat too much pasta. Of course, in the summer I like grilling a piece of tuna outdoors. Somthing to think ahead. but I looking for some variations when we stuck inside in those winter day. A pack of tuna, some mayo, and one of the 90 second microwave rice packs are right now my habitual diet. A recipe that I really dig for its simplicity and nutrition, and how quickly it can be thrown together, is South Beach Tuna Salad. Dieting can be tedious and this is one way I found helps cut the pounds and trim the inches fast.

It doesnt take a lot of time or effort to make. It combines mostly green vegetables such as lettuce, celery, green onions and of course tuna. I find this is one of the easiest ways to diet. Go to your local market so you are able to obtain all fresh ingredients and make a large tuna salad. A great dressing is lime juice, garlic and salt and pepper mixed and poured over the salad. Leave covered and refrigerate, this stays fresh for about two, sometimes three days and is a quick and easy way to lose weight.

It tastes superb and more so if you happen to be garlic fan like I am and you may any time add a little more for better flavor. By far one of the best diet foods I have had in a long time. Ahhh: tuna casserole recipes, you either love it or hate it. Tuna casserole I do like, especially when made with cream of mushroom soup and topped with potato chips. Well, I did like it until, I gave birth to my fourth child. My neighbor, Zola, in a gesture of good will asked if she would bring dinner over. I refused stating that my parents were helping me but she insisted. Over she came with this horrible smelling tuna casserole.

She plopped it down on the kitchen counter with the explanation that SHE loved tuna casserole but every time she made it her husband went to Jack-in-the-Box. My family sat down to eat. My father took one bite and said: ‘Call Zola and ask her which Jack-in-the-box her husband goes to. That said it all’it ruined tuna casseroles forever for those of us that like it. Even the dog turned his nose up at it.