Month: June 2009

keithjennison June 1, 2009

Eating crab legs or the whole crab for that matter is fun and the meat is delicious. I must also mention cold crab claws with spicy cocktail sauce. The challenge of trying to get to the meat is what I like best. There are so many ways to enjoy crab. Probably one of my favorite […]

keithjennison June 1, 2009

Have you ever tried to bake any kind of seafood? There are numerous special types of seafood that are fairly luscious when baked instead of the typical frying that most people do. Baked scallop is one of those dishes. When you fry the scallops you get a nice crusty outside and a soft moist center. […]

admin June 1, 2009

I¬†was watching one of the major news magazine shows a few years back when they were interviewing the owner of a large craft (formerly micro) brewery. Like these shows usually do, they tried to “expose” some deep dark secret known only to the inside players of the brewing community. Many craft brewers don’t brew their […]