Month: August 2009

keithjennison August 28, 2009

Should you cook those baby back ribs over stone barbecues or barbecues charcoal? Should you marinate the meat beforehand or just baste the sauce on while cooking? Do you want to make beef, chicken or pork for your meal? Do you want thick sauce or thin sauce, spicy or sweet, vinegary or tomato flavored? The […]

admin August 25, 2009

Most diets would put Chicken Pot Pies on the “no way” list. Not in this case. The trick is to eliminate that heavy gravy and instead make a healthy sauce. Don’t worry, once you slice a piece and see all that crust and chicken and┬ásauce running all over your plate, you won’t miss the Chicken […]

keithjennison August 22, 2009

Organic food markets are the best place to shop for natural products. They are an alternative to hypermarket stands although the merchandise is virtually the same. Moreover, the use of the local organic food markets encourages regional economy consisting of small businesses that depend on the customers from a certain area. The number of organic […]

keithjennison August 17, 2009

Arriving in the New World, European settlers were greeted with a huge abundance of lobster. They were so plentiful that they would often wash ashore and form piles of up to two feet high. Often times, Native Americans used the crustaceans to fertilize their fields. Their abundance and ease in harvesting made the lobster a […]

keithjennison August 16, 2009

I get emails every single week from busy moms who desperately want to prepare wholesome meals for their families, but there just don’t seem to be enough hours in each day to get it all done. While I have the luxury of staying home all day, the vast majority of today’s mothers work full-time and […]

keithjennison August 15, 2009

There are some diseases which separately from causing pain and discomfort can also turn out to be very embarrassing to discuss about . One such illness is Hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids, been there, heard that. Hemorrhoid has this disgrace of ‘social embarrassment’ attached with it and this creates people distress from Hemorrhoids suffer from silent misery. With […]

admin August 11, 2009

Don’t let the simplicity of this recipe fool you. Carrots and olive oil; that’s it. But something happens when you roast carrots in the oven for a while. They get so sweet, just a little color from roasting. I always make these whenever I roast chicken or beef. The oven is running anyway. Might as […]

keithjennison August 5, 2009

When it comes to vegetables most of us end up draw back their noses. Most of us end up categorizing most vegetables as being uninteresting to out palette. Like spinach, carrots too have been abandoned often in our menus. Carrots may make a rare form in a stew, or at a holiday dinner, but even […]

keithjennison August 3, 2009

No part of the world has been capable to seclude itself from the influence of foreign cuisines. America has over several decades provided shelter to several communities from all over the world. These people bought with them their native recipes and therefore Top American Cooking Recipes are derivative from other cultures.. Really , when you […]