keithjennison September 24, 2009

For those times when perishables need to be sentto retailers around the country, or even the world, specific wrapping is a must. For example,if it is a fish based consignment, Seafood Packaging should be used to keep the product fresh and stop it from contaminating other parcels. For chicken pick good grade plastic wrapping and Poultry Boxes since it is widely known that fluid drips from poultry or its by productscause severe food poisoning. The choice for ‘wet’ products that are likely to leak likefood and perishables is Wax Packaging.

It is of utmost importance to choose correctly

to alleviate cross contamination. Food like lobster or crabare a particularly smelly cargo and will contaminate anything that comes in contact with it rendering the product unusable. These cartons are There are many other add-ons likegel packs that are frozen when the order is about to go out. They are inserted into the cartons, in and on the goods, and they ensure that the food or perishables stay as cold as possible while they are in transit. This cuts down on any spoilage and ensures thatthe goods are delivered in an ‘as fresh as possible’ condition.

Once customers are satisfied that all delicacies and fresh foodwill always be delivered in an uncontaminated, fresh state then the box manufacturer will always be in business!

Where chicken is concerned, cleanliness is absolutely important. Who remembers the salmonella outbreak that occurred a number of years ago and thecontroversy it caused? Even egg producers were in dire problems because of the lack of clients who wouldn’t buythese products for fear of contracting the disease. Indeed, this disease proved horrendousin some cases.

Many carton manufacturers will tailor-makethe cartons in the style and size required. This is great foranyone wanting anything other than normalsizes and will also promote customer loyalty. Standardized containers can be used, but if there is a need forsmaller consignments will obviously need smaller containers.

The cartons are made up of strong and thickcardboard, and coated with a waxy type coating. This makes sure that the container is built to resist any liquid spillsand also proves to be very strong too. Consider what is to be carried in the packet and then choose thecontainer. Work out just what itwill be carrying, cartons that don’t break are the obvious choice for any company. They may be used in other waysif care is taken when handling them. Again though, cross contamination is a possibility if care is not taken.

Don’t forget the the need for effective marketingconnected to purpose made cartons either. Because they are custom made, these contaiers are a great advertising tool with printed advertisingon the side for all to see. Phone numbers, email and postal addresses can also be displayed with a design depicting the company andwill become synonymous with the product.

They will not only keep the product fresh, but they will also spread the company name not only to its destination but all along the way tooand it won’t cost a single cent! This is a great way to offset the cost of the purpose built; customized cartons which will be well worth it in the long run.