keithjennison November 19, 2009

Eating the same genre of food made in the same old style can get a bit dull for anyone of us. The idea of making the same old boring dish to be interesting and new is a major challenge for all house makers. But let us assure you that this task is not all that difficult. Just a couple of changes here and there and the addition of a couple of new ingredients and voila you have given a new twist to the old recipe ! Typically, fresh recipes are generated from those same old ingredients that are put together in an astonishing, but nevertheless tasty, synthesis mixture, combination of new and old in an ethnically thrilling dish exciting the taste buds and make it appear all brand new. Not familiar with your sleight of culinary hand the family covers your new dish as something out of this world.

A chicken salad recipe is one such recipe which has found itself evolving with time. With the addition of new ingredients suiting the times and the needs, this good old recipe takes on a new form every time it is dished out . There are so many options that you can play with when you go about constructing the Chicken salad sandwiches. Apart from a few general ingredients there are a whole lot of variations that you can plan. You now not only have a chicken salad sandwich which is tasty but also which is extremely healthy too! This brings us to the next most popular and talked about issue – weight. There are so many of us who are completely dissatisfied as to how they look. Playing a big contribution here is the food that we eat. We all need a healthy diet plan which not only keeps us healthy with optimum weight but at the same time is tasty and exciting too.

Following a diet plan will initially help you lose weight but it is after you have lost the weight the tough task of maintaining it starts. First you should chose the right diet plan for your body type, and one that you feel good about and can follow. One such very popular diet plan is the Atkins Meal Diet Plans. Often referred to as the “Father of all Low carb diets” the Atkins meal plan follows the principle of cutting down on the carbohydrate intake and easily allows everyone to make a diet plan around this rule which would suit them.
In this Atkins recipes plan the total carbohydrate intake is under check and sugars and other refined grain flour has to be off your food list permanently. Also a strict vigilance has to be kept on your caffeine and alcohol consumption. This diet plan begins with a lot of restriction in the initial stages and slowly with time depending on as to how your body reacts to the diet subsequent alterations can be made. The diet starts with a complete ban on carbohydrates and then slowly progresses by adding fixed types and amounts of carbohydrates in later stages. This variation gives the dieter a lot of options to play around with.