keithjennison November 23, 2009

There are a lot of things that can compromise Food safety standards in a food establishment. Each of the problems are able to be fixed by monitoring employees’ activities carefully. The items which compromise the public health and the business in general are being discussed in this article.

Food safety standards are first compromised by poor personal hygiene of employees. There are reasons why hand washing is a must, and when employees don’t do that, germs get onto the food. When hair isn’t tied back, that is also something that will get into food. And when an employee comes to work when they are sick, those germs can also get into food. This is why personal hygiene is so important when it comes to high food safety standards.

Cleanliness is another matter of utmost importance when it comes to Food safety standards. Whatever will come into contact with the food in the business has to be thoroughly cleaned. Anything that will be used to cook the food or prepare it has to be spotless. There are at least three instances when a tool should be cleaned – beginning of day, using it for another type of food, and end of day. Cross contamination is a real concern in food service.

The third matter in food safety standards is cooking. This involves close monitoring of cooking temperatures. The temperatures can’t be too low or else it won’t kill the bacteria. That’ s the reason for temperature monitoring, so that the meat is safe to eat.

Pest control is yet another thing that affects food safety standards. Even though mice and rats are things that come to mind w hen talking about pests, there are others to think about. The cockroach is one of the things to spring to mind. Most people are utterly disgusted when they see one of them. The pests that can cause problems include flies, ants, cockroaches, and rodents.

Refrigeration is the final concern for food safety standards. This will make sure that the food stays fresh and ready to use. Proper temperature and storage are important to keep the food consumable. The cooling areas of a kitchen have temperatures that they should not go above, so keeping them at the right temperature is important.

When it comes to Food safety standards, the ones that are listed above are the ones that you should be concerned about. Paying attention to the details are going to be helpful to your business and help ensure that the food you serve is healthy. The price of not paying attention to the details could mean someone will get ill.

That is much too high a price to pay.