keithjennison November 24, 2009

If you want to protect your food from spoilage and consume it safely after awhile, it is important to preserve it. There are many methods of preserving food that you can use to keep your food fresh longer and store it for difficult times.

Many people preserve food for pleasure. It is their hobby. One of the oldest and most favorite methods is drying food. But there is also salting, brining, smoking, fermenting and many others. Canning is also quite popular, which involves preserving food in vacuum sealed jars that are often called Mason jars. Canning is also one of the most proven and reliable techniques of food preservation. After it has been discovered that food spoilage is caused by air, water and soil microorganisms, this methods has been developed further.

It is quite simple to understand the principles of food preservation. Food spoils due to the enzymes and microorganisms that are present in it, so the only way to preserve the food is to control them. This means that all the containers, where you place your food to preserve it, have to be sealed properly to prevent air from reentering it and bring more microorganisms that can spoil the food.

Then you also have to heat the sealed container to arrest the spoilage process. Before placing food into the jars they need to be sterilized and heated. Then, after you fill the jars with food, they have to be heated to the certain temperature that will kill the spoilage agents. During this heating process all the air remaining in food and at the jar top is going between jar and the lid. When the jar starts to cool down, the created vacuum sucks the lid down and holds it tight until you open it. And if the seal is good, the food inside the jar will not be contaminated. You don’t even have to refrigerate the jars and the food inside will keep its taste for a long time. You don’t always have to use the heating process for canning food, but you have to keep such food in the fridge and consume it within a short period of time.

When you find out more about food storing and preserving, it won’t seem so hard for you. It only requires several basic tools and equipment, which will make it easier for you as well as preserved food safer to eat. You will also notice that most of the canning tools are already present in your kitchens, but you can also free to purchase some special equipment that will save you a lot of time and make your food preservation more successful. It is a very good investment and your family will be provided with a lot of preserves for winter or for any emergency situation.

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