keithjennison November 24, 2009

A lot of us, who would like to store our own food, would also like to learn how to preserve it right. This will allow people prevent food from spoiling and store it safely till the time we want to use it in future. So, this article will be useful for anyone who wants to preserve and store their own food.

There are many ways you can preserve food. You can dehydrate it, naturally or using a food dehydrator. Drying food is the oldest way of food preservation, which reduces the water content in food and, therefore, stops or delays the growth of bacteria. This technique is common for preserving and processing grains like wheat, oats, barley, rye, maize, etc.

Another very popular method of food preservation and storing is freezing. It is widely used for commercial as well as domestic purposes. You can freeze your products in big cold storages, which can be later used in case of some emergencies. Or, just store some food in your usual home freezer. A lot of different products can be frozen and kept for a very long time until you need it. Make sure you place all food in plastic freezer bags or containers and label them, which will help you quickly see what is stored in a certain bag. Airtight freezer bags will also protect the food from freezer burn.

Many people like to preserve their food using the method of smoking. You can preserve and process a lot of food like fish, meat and others using smoking technique. Usually it is made in big smoke houses. This method is great because it doesn’t only preserve food but also makes it even more delicious.

Vacuum packing is another methods of food preservation, when food is placed in plastic bags and then vacuum sealed. This method removes all the oxygen from the packaging, which prevents microorganisms from growing and causing the food to spoil. A lot of food can be preserved this way and then stored in the pantry, refrigerator or in the freezer.

If you would like to preserve fruits, you can use the method of sugaring. You can cook such fruits like apples, peaches, plums or others with sugar, wait till they crystallize and then store them dry.

Pickling is also a way to preserve certain foods. It is processed in chemicals that destroy microorganisms, but they are safe for us. Usually the materials used are vinegar, brine, vegetable oil, ethanol, etc. You can pickle vegetables like peppers or cabbage.

So, these are the most commonly used methods of food preservation you can use at home and provide your family with tasty and healthy preserves for winter or for any emergency situation that may occur.

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