Month: November 2009

admin November 7, 2009

Sometimes it’s amazing how three simple ingredients, put together, can become an elegant dish. Everything is cooked in one pan, but two seperate steps. Very simple and takes only 15 minutes to get it to the table.

keithjennison November 4, 2009

Food preservation is the process of preventing food spoilage. This process stops the microorganisms’ activity in food that causes its spoilage. The important factor in food preservation is to maintain the food’s flavor, texture and nutrients. Today, more people start preserving food again at home. When we do grocery shopping in the nearby supermarket, we […]

keithjennison November 4, 2009

There are a lot of well-known basic elements of survival – food, water, clothing and shelter. To survive for the long term you should have all these four essentials in one place before the emergency happens. But to have long term food storage could be difficult. Many people have a false sense of the security […]

keithjennison November 3, 2009

Good food storage is a way of extending food life. Food storage is an excellent investment for all of us. With the constant rise cost of food and the times we live in, the threat of food contamination is always rising. The proper storage of the food under the most perfect conditions could extend its […]