Month: December 2009

keithjennison December 31, 2009

It is important that every family had an emergency survival plan in our uncertain times. The plan can be different for every family, especially for those who live in the city and the country. If you reside in the city area, one of the first things you would do in case of disaster is getting […]

keithjennison December 30, 2009

To live longer, happier lives people need to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Healthy living can be easily achieved through a few simple steps. Benefits include a lower risk of developing diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes; and a greater life expectancy. Hopefully after reading this article you will be aware of how to […]

keithjennison December 23, 2009

If you have finally decided to start your food storage, it is definitely a great idea. Preparing your food storage will help you save money and provide you with a peace of mind realizing that in case of emergency your family is protected. When you prepare your emergency food storage, you will benefit from shopping […]

keithjennison December 22, 2009

Quite a few appliance marketers currently make food processors which provide us with easier and more efficient ways of food preparation. Black & Decker has food processors in an exceptional array of models which are designed for several specific functions. Black & Decker Food Processors. The Black & Decker EHC650 The Black & Decker EHC650 […]

keithjennison December 20, 2009

Many people do not know what the difference is between a vegetarian diet and a vegan diet. They assume both types of diet do not include meat, which is correct. However, the vegan diet is more restrictive in the types of foods that may be included in a diet. A vegan does not eat any […]

keithjennison December 19, 2009

Even though we can rely on local government and other organizations that help us in case of disasters, it is still important to prepare yourself. If major disasters were to happen, emergency organizations will be overwhelmed and it might take time to get to your home or town. So, you have to make sure you […]

keithjennison December 18, 2009

If you want to keep your food fresh for longer time, you should apply the rules of proper food storage. Most food items you buy in stores provide you with certain guidelines you can follow and ensure you eat quality and fresh food. You should know these guidelines to have the most efficient food storage. […]