Month: December 2009

keithjennison December 17, 2009

You can often hear different survivalist groups discuss what they store for their long term food storage and for short term food storage. It doesn’t make a lot of sense because the only difference between the long and short term food storages is the amount of food you should store. People, who practice emergency food […]

keithjennison December 15, 2009

When cooking a strict vegan diet, it will be important to do some research on the types of substitutes that can create the flavor you want in a quick and easy way. Vegans do not eat any foods that are made from animals or animal products. This include honey and foods that you may not […]

keithjennison December 12, 2009

Different states in America offer different types of Mexican food. One type is Tex-Mex food. It is found in the state of Texas and consists of Mexican-American dishes. The dishes made in the Tex-Mex style are similar to regular Mexican foods such as burritos, but the difference is the type of chile pepper they use. […]

keithjennison December 10, 2009

Over recent years, specialty coffee and tea drinkers have multiplied by leaps and bounds. Coffee and tea houses are a reason behind this as they offer a social environment where coffee and tea lovers can talk with friends. How We Are Affected By Specialty Drinks Sprouting Specialty Coffee and Tea food services companies have been […]

keithjennison December 10, 2009

Have you ever had the desire to become a professional chef or jus improve your cooking abilities? Culinary Arts Colleges are available to teach and train you in almost every state or country. “Culinary” means working with cooking or in kitchens. A “culinarian” means cook or chef. A Culinary Art College will give you the […]

keithjennison December 8, 2009

I never knew that you could work as a full time cake designer until a short time ago. I mean, sure I’ve noticed that some of the bakeries have absolutely ravishing cake designs. But I’ve always attributed this more to the fact that the baker was a creative soul than that there was someone who […]