keithjennison December 20, 2012

Good Morning, Mr. Phelps. Your job today, must you opt to take it, is to inspect the Huntington Beach happy hour scene, and verify, as best as you can, why all those young men and females and families are having the time of their lives. Our workplace has heard rumors that there is a rather huge, perfect “sports themed” restaurant with a Pacific Ocean coastline setting in Huntington Beach that is not only an enjoyable spot to be, but also a place where people may be having way too much pleasure. Please try to get back to us with your comments and evidence ASAP.

Well, Mr. Phelps, a Huntington Beach happy hour definitely does exist and it’s special with 10,000 square feet of constant “action” that consists of a primary flooring plus a downstairs basement with a bar that’s practically the size of a truck trailer where you can imbibe your fave Tap beers. And another convenience you do not see in lots of bistros; different restrooms upstairs and in the basement so you do not have to dash 30 yards to go to the bathroom, and wish you make it during Huntington Beach happy hour.

The TapHouse HB in Huntington Beach is located on the corner of Warner and Magnolia Streets, so you will not need a compass to discover it. The Huntington Beach happy hour is a huge draw particularly during National Football and University season. And with more than 50 television screens to view while sipping one of your preferred “suds” that are on Tap, what’s not to like? And since the Huntington Beach happy hour runs from 3pm to 6pm Monday throughout Friday, that essentially means you do not have to prepare or eat lousy fast food for dinner. The TapHouse has excellent food that’s priced right so that’s another “check mark” you can cross-off.

Speaking of the Huntington Beach happy hour you can expect these couple of items that will save you some cash.

* 50 percent off all appetizers
* $ 2 bucks off their very own micro-beers
* $ 2 dollar Pabst beer
* $ 3 dollar CA house wine

If you wish to step-it-up a notch order one of your preferences in the “hard stuff” category, consisting of one of their signature martini’s and knock $ 2 bucks off the cost. That said are you starting to get the feeling that the Huntington Beach happy hour is the place to be and be seen?

So let’s recap four reasons why you should make the Huntington Beach happy hour your enjoyable destination:
# 1 – Late hours: Think 2am on specific days
# 2 – Live stage activities
# 3 – Champagne buffet brunch & Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer
# 4 – Private celebration? No problems as long as you keep it under 150 individuals