Month: December 2012

keithjennison December 12, 2012

Making healthy choices is something a lot of people do these days. Of course part of eating healthy is to get your hands on organic produce regularly. And in big cities such as that Houston local food delivery services help ensure that you are supplied with the freshest fruits and vegetables available. And there are […]

keithjennison December 9, 2012

The happiness of knowing how to slow cook is that you get to successfully harmonize being a homemaker, a mom as well as a professional woman! The 30 tasty crock pot recipes featured in this recipe book are my ace in the holes to keeping my loved ones well-fed as well as pleased. The recipes […]

keithjennison December 3, 2012

Pumpkins are one of the small number of ingredients that do it all–a pot of soup, salads, starters, appetizers, dinners, and treats. Make it sweet or make it savory, this natural American Thanksgiving standard makes any meal somewhat more festive. This practical little recipe book is the exact opposite of the coffee-table book: paperback, pocket-sized, […]