keithjennison February 7, 2013

To fully optimize the use of your juicer or blender, it is first an imperative to at least know some of the most refreshing concoctions you can make out of those countertops. Aside from becoming easy-to-prepare juice smoothies recipes, the following recipes are excellently nourishing and very delicious too. Continue studying and know how to make your own smoothies.

One of the easiest to prepare is perhaps the Kiwi and Papaya Smoothie. All you need is a cup of papaya, a peeled kiwi, one half cup of vanilla soy milk, half teaspoon of honey, cinnamon powder and ice cubes. Just mix them all together for around two mins and your sweet and healthy detoxifier is now prepared. This smoothie is highly recommended right after eating large foods as papaya contains enzymes called papain which easily breaks down strong foods. Kiwi on the other hand is very rich in vitamin C and E which serve as essential antioxidants for the body.

The second recipe is the sweet green Smoothie. This time, you will need a whole green apple, 3 celery talks, one cucumber, a cup of almond milk, honey and ice cubes. Do the mixing for two mins to completely mix the flavors from the ingredients. All the ingredients included in this recipe are rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, flavonoids, polyphenols and vitamin B complex.

The third is the tropical Fruits Smoothie which is perhaps the most flavorful amongst all juice smoothies recipes. The ingredients are one mango, one orange, a slice of watermelon, a slice of fresh pineapple, five pieces of strawberries, a cup of vanilla soy milk and ice cubes. All you need to do is to mix them for 2 and a half mins and your very flavorful tropical Fruits Smoothie is now prepared. As you may already know, fruits are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals essential for maintaining a healthy body. Moreover, tropical fruits as such are immune boosters protecting the body against diseases.

The forth recipe is the combined Berries Smoothie. The ingredients that you will need are a cup of strawberries, a cup of blue berries, half cup of raspberries, a cup of vanilla soy milk, a teaspoon of honey and ice cubes. Just combine all the berries together with other ingredients and mix them for two mins. right after that, you can now drink your combined Berry Smoothie. This recipe is most recommended for those people today who want to maintain and manage a healthy pounds as berries are ample sources of phenolic compounds which are good complementary elements to encourage metabolism.

The last but not the least is the Skin Deep Smoothie. This is called as such because of its numerous benefits for the skin. All you need for this recipe are four pieces of peeled carrots, two spears of asparagus, half of medium-sized iceberg lettuce, a handful spinach leaves, a cup of almond milk, a spoonful of honey and ice cubes. Combine all the ingredients and mix them for a certain period of time. If you drink the Skin Deep Smoothie, some of the benefits you can get include improved healing capability of the skin, more glowing, youthful and well protected skin.

Try to make those healthy and refreshing juice smoothies recipes and enjoy not only delicious and flavorful smoothies but very nourishing at the same time. Observe that the regular cow’s milk is not used. It’s because some people today have lacto intolerance and so the best alternatives are vanilla soy milk and almond milk which are both equally safe for everyone even for those people today who have lacto intolerance. You can also notice that sugar is as well not included amongst the juice smoothies recipes. Aside from the common alternative to sugar which is honey, others are stevia plant, muscovado and coconut sugar.
Take the advances of these easy juice smoothies recipes and start a healthier life now!