keithjennison October 27, 2013

This video instructs you ways to create a smoker from your charcoal grill without needing to buy an expensive offset smoker or pellet grill. I have always loved the taste of smoked meat, however never knew that it was this easy to do on my own. The guys in the video provide tons of excellent suggestions along the means such as ways to effectively open the vents so the smoke is drawn over the meat, ways to establish and create the smoker, the kind of wood they used for smoking, and more. For a video that was reduced to just about 2 minutes, they actually ensured just the most important info was shown so you can find out ways to create your smoker in as little time as possible.

They smoked a load of meat on their charcoal grill and according to the video they just had to smoke it for about 2.5 hours before it was ready to barbecue. They had actually smoked pork belly, which they turned into homemade bacon, smoked pork chops, chicken, peppers, salmon, and sausages. The meals from this video looked absolutely delicious and I cannot wait to try this on my own. My only issue right now is that I cannot find a great location to buy lump charcoal. You can still create a smoker with charcoal briquettes, however I'm sure the lump charcoal makes it taste a lot better since it doesn't have all of the additives that the briquettes have.