keithjennison October 28, 2013

*The key to successfully making an egg cocktail drink is performing a step known as “mime” or “dry” shake.

* When you’ve measured and poured all of the ingredients together into a shaker, add 1 whole egg or egg white then shake vigorously with no ice, for 5-8 seconds. This step allows the mixture to emulsify and inflate the egg white, allowing the air to slip between the protein molecules and eventually making that nice frothy texture.

*Open the shaker, add a few pieces ice cubes, and then shake it again, longer and harder that you normally would. One way to know if you’re almost done, if you can feel the steel icing up under your hands. A cone-shaped double strainer will catch smaller pieces of ice and any fruit pulp.

* Use fresh eggs all the time, because the fresher the egg, the better texture you’ll get.

* With regards to the egg whites, keep in mind that more is not always better. When you put too much egg white, the drink will be weak-tasting. Keep in mind that the more egg white you use, the more citrus and sweeteners you will need in order to fill out the flavour profile. In most cocktail drink, 1/2-3/4 ounce of egg white is already plenty.

* The most essential thing to remember regarding egg-white cocktails is to garnish the finish product. Egg-white foam has a nice texture and is nice to look at, but the smell is generally not pleasant. This is why you must add some citrus, such as orange, lime, or lemon.

The following are some vocabulary terms used when preparing an egg-white cocktail that can be helpful, especially if you’re fond of drinking such:

1. Silver Fizz: meaning a cocktail drink with egg white.
2. Golden Fizz: meaning a cocktail drink with egg yolk.
3. Royal Fizz: meaning a cocktail drink with 1 whole egg.

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