keithjennison October 30, 2013

What’s surprising about this salsa is the first ingredient.

There’s no tomato. Because essentially every salsa you’ve ever eaten is made from tomato — either cooked and in jars, or diced fresh– this is a big change. Substituted for tomato as the base, it’s flame-roasted sweet potato.

Now, if that makes you think of marshmallowy goo, think once again. This is a tasty salsa with corn, black bean and chipotle, not a syrupy dessert. Yummy Yammy Mild Mexican Sweet Potato Salsa is ideal for dipping at the party, spreading on a tortilla for a fast office or classroom lunch, and even enjoying on eggs for an easy, healthy breakfast.

The natural sweet taste of the sweet potato (especially since it’s roasted, not microwaved or steamed or flakes or something) changes the salsa experience for the better. It has a naturally creamy mouthfeel, without any fat; chunky corn and beans go really well with it. it’s a warm, generous flavor without so much biting tomato acidity, and naturally sweet potatoes are America’s favorite superfoods, so you get a substantial amount of nutrition from every serving: 2 tablespoons of this salsa has half your suggested Vitamin A for the day.

If you like Mexican salsa, this is worth a sampling.

THE KEY to Fabulous, Yamalicious Meals and Snacks: Yummy Yammy Sweet Potato Salsa

Yummy Yammy Releases World’s First Sweet Potato Salsas
• 3 delicious, eclectic tastes: Tuscan (roasted red pepper, white bean, basil), Moroccan (curry, lentil, kale) and Mexican (black bean, corn, chipotle).
• Flavor-packed, ideal for your fast and healthy lunch, breakfast, treat, game, parties.
•No fat, no sugar, no tomato, no 3-letter chemical abbreviations.

Why I Created Yummy Yammy Sweet Potato Salsas.
Due to the fact that we make our ground-breaking fire-roasted salsas w / sweet potato not tomato, they are simply sweet, scrumptious, fat-free, sugar-free, and superfood-nutritious. No junk, just wholesome food made with loads of love. I created these small-batch recipes in my Vermont kitchen so my kids could have the world’s best food anytime, fast and simple. Now you can, too!

Tons of Pleased Clients Say It Best:.
• “To die for”, “I dream about your products”, “These are amazing!”, “There’s a reason this stuff sells out — I mean, you just want to put your face in it.”
• “It’s a huge hit, even with my picky kiddos!”, “All natural, nutritious, delicious, original”, “Need to have sweet and spicy Mexican Sweet Potato Salsa. Love it!!”.

Delicious AND healthy? Usually that’s fictitious. But at Yummy Yammy, it’s for real. I guarantee it.

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