keithjennison October 31, 2013

Prior to viewing this how to barbecue an onion video, I never understood that it was possible to barbecue onions. I have become aware of grilling various kinds of veggies like squash, zucchini, cucumbers, and so on but never grilling onions before. I would have thought that you cut the onion up first, but this video shows how to barbecue the whole onion with the skin still on it.

The onion at the end of this video looked absolutely impressive and juicy. That's actually cool that you can just peel away the external layers of skin and the inside will be cooked perfectly. This is one actually cool trick that I cannot wait to experiment with myself. It looks extremely simple to do. They do not discuss the timing in the video, but I'm quite sure you just leave the onion on the hot charcoals the whole time you are grilling and afterwards just cut it open at the end. I enjoy putting onions on my grilled hamburgers so now I'm completely going to make an Argentinian grilled fire onion burger haha