Month: October 2013

keithjennison October 20, 2013 This indoor grilling video by Cave Tools teaches you the best ways to grill pork chops indoors and get diamond grill marks. Getting best grill marks is an uphill struggle to do regularly. Nonetheless, if you follow the steps instructed in this video, you should be able to enhance your success rate of barbecuing […]

keithjennison October 19, 2013

Every so often, your kids need a break from organic food, and so do you. Mini pizzas are a great option. Rather than purchasing delivery, make a pizza as a household, and let everyone decorate their own. The dish noted below is for cheese pizzas, however you can include any veggie or protein imaginable, and […]

keithjennison October 18, 2013

This one dish meal is excellent for a cold night. The soothing flavors of an Italian country cooking area dance across the palate. Children will enjoy the bright colors of the different vegetables, and there are many little steps in the recipe that they can help with. If youconcerned about children with knives, do not […]

keithjennison October 17, 2013

You most likely barbecue all summertime long if you're anything like me. As soon as the weather starts to get warm, I like to simply get out there and fire up my bbq. Some people are simply tailgate grillers and others are pool party grillers, however I'm more of the diehard grill every day kind […]

keithjennison October 16, 2013

It's almost that part of the year once again, when your calendar is full of birthdays, weddings, and holidays. Your family and friends already have more than one fondue set at home already. And, they surely already have a preferred set of wine glasses. Gift certificates? Might as well just give them cash so they […]

keithjennison October 15, 2013

Growing up in a rural neighborhood, when meals was scarce, next-door neighbors helped out. One of the most preferred items that showed up on our dining room table due to the courtesy and kindness of friends and next-door neighbors were apples. My father made a fantastic apple pie using them, and this rustic apple tart […]

keithjennison October 14, 2013

Easy to make and so much enjoyable to frost, cupcakes sweeten any event and delight a crowd. With a variety of cupcake dishes from timeless vanilla to savory twists and tricks, you can become a positive cupcake baker in no time. See What Humphrey needs to say about this Cupcake dishes publication “I actually have […]

keithjennison October 12, 2013

This dessert is very delicious and looks lovely as well. Select your preferred berry to sit on the freshly whipped cream. Considering that puff pastry is not sweet by itself, the cream needs to be sweetened a little more than you usually would for a whipped topping. Serve with coffee or hot tea as a […]