Month: October 2013

keithjennison October 10, 2013

Granola is excellent. Sadly, many store-bought varieties consist of preservatives, coloring agents, taste enhancers, and all kinds of yucky chemicals you really do not want your family consuming. This blend is all natural, quick and easy, and you can always alter it up by including a preferred ingredient, or subtracting one you do not particularly […]

keithjennison October 9, 2013 I absolutely enjoy eating bacon. I actually eat bacon three to four times weekly for breakfast as well as on top of various meals like grilled hamburgers. In some way I stumbled across this video and I cannot believe that as a bacon enthusiast, I never ever knew that you can barbecue bacon. The […]

keithjennison October 7, 2013

Not everyone is a natural in the kitchen but everyone has to eat and in numerous occasions entertain visitors. Yes, it is indeed daunting to even think of the procedure involved with food preparation because of the steps required and the amount of ingredients and seasoning needed to make it scrumptious. We are always wary […]

keithjennison October 4, 2013

I'm from the south. Biscuits are a religious thing in this part of the world. These morning meal biscuits were my answer to my family pigging out on biscuits in addition to their meals. I think excellent meals and healthy meals can merge, and they do it in this dish. Morning meal biscuits are a […]

keithjennison October 3, 2013

Baking a homemade pie crust is not hard if you know a few secrets. Buying one at the local grocery store is fast and simple but you are missing the flavor and texture a well baked pie crust should have. Unlike cooking where you can play around with the amounts or temperatures used, baking requires […]

keithjennison October 2, 2013

I think almost everyone has actually made sugar cookies with their family sometime. I’ve never ever been a very big fan of the standard dish, though. As a result, I twisted it with my chocolate chip cookie dish and created something really savory. Hopefully your children will enjoy it as much as mine do! You […]