Month: December 2013

keithjennison December 27, 2013

It's about that part of the year once again, when your agenda is full of birthdays, weddings, and holidays. Your friends and family probably have too many fondue sets at home already. And, they surely already have their favorite set of wine glasses. Gift cards? Might as well just give them money so they can […]

keithjennison December 16, 2013

Not everyone is a natural in the kitchen area however everyone has to eat and in many occasions entertain guests. Yes, it is undoubtedly intimidating to even think of the procedure involved with cooking because of the actions required and the quantity of ingredients and seasoning needed to make it tasty. We are constantly wary […]

keithjennison December 10, 2013

If the person you are shopping for this Holiday enjoys the Walking Dead, Swamp People or even Duck Dynasty. This Video has something for you. Zombie Cajun has actually presented 3 new sauces to compliment there original Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce. Also just in time for the holidays they are presenting these new sauces in […]