keithjennison March 8, 2014


Sticky Maple Taffy Cones Are No Issue for this NonStick Silicone Baking Mat. The Safer Baker are offering 70% OFF the baking mat with coupon code: TSB709MAT for 3 days only on Amazon.

The Safer Baker’s Nonstick Silicone Baking Mat has actually been making waves recently, as we have promised that it’s going to tidy up kitchen areas all across the country. It was all talk until now. Here’s a video demo of simply exactly how non-sticky this Baking Mat is, even when put to the “ultimate test” of Maple Taffy Cones.

For this test, a traditional maple taffy cone recipe is put on the mat on top of a baking sheet. While a lot of cooks know that non-stick baking sheets don’t carry out very well, notification as the Nonstick Silicone Baking Mat passes the nonstick test. The dish is prepared and the cones are entirely flattened, leaving no leftover mix behind.

The cook also handles the baking mat well, not oohing and awing because of any transferable heat. Now for the ultimate test … wow! No sticky residue left, it peels right off without any straining-as smooth as a tortilla. We guarantee no digital editing or CGI! The Baking Mat has actually aced the Maple Taffy Cones test.

And now the very best for last: discover the clean-up. No dishwasher, no scrubbing, no cleaning agent. Soap and water cleans The Safer Baker Mat in no time. Bravo, Safer Baker for keeping things clean.