keithjennison March 27, 2014

How much do you hate peeling garlic by hand?

It’s a fact: garlic smells, but if you stopped using this flavorful and delicious herb because of this then you’re missing a lot!

Many cuisines use garlic, but examples of those that use garlic as its base include Chinese and Indian dishes. Of course, millions of dishes use garlic and this is why it’s impossible to totally stop using it.

Mind you, the smell is only strong on raw garlic. When cooked, garlic smells really good!

Garlic is popular for its pungent taste, but that’s actually controllable. When whole, garlic cloves gives a very soft taste while chopped cloves have medium pungency. For a really strong taste, go for minced cloves and you wouldn’t be disappointed.

There are ways to get rid of garlic stink from your hands. An effective trick is to rub your hands on something stainless (like a sink or a “stainless soap” which is specifically made for this use) under running water.

Or better yet, use a garlic press for peeling unpeeled cloves. If you watch the video on this page, you’ll see how quick and easy the whole method is. Simply put the cloves into the chamber, squeeze the handles together and take the skin out using a knife. The user never had to get in contact with peeled cloves so the stink will never touch his hands.

When it comes to presses, you have to look for specific features to ensure that you’re getting nothing but the best garlic press. For Example, make sure that the press is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel doesn’t rust, and the smell wouldn’t cling to the material. Also make sure that the press was made with ergonomic design so you wouldn’t have difficulty pressing it. Lastly, look for a press with a lifetime money-back guarantee. That way, you can always give it back if you’re not impressed with the product.