keithjennison April 23, 2014

One issue that plagues many hosts in connection with wine is how to serve it at the right temperature. When you fail to think about the right temperature to serve the liquor that you have bought that can ruin the entire wine-drinking experience for you. You might not recognize it but you are not getting the most from your wine because it takes the right temperature to bring out the best flavor in it.

Just think about how it would be such a waste if you were to buy a pricey bottle of wine but you don’t serve it at the right temperature. That would almost be like throwing cash away or at least you are not getting exactly what you spent for.

They say that the ideal red wine serving temperature is room temperature, but the room that they are referring to are the rooms of old that are full of drafts. That’s not like the modern homes that are well-insulated. So figuring out the ideal temperature for serving wine is truly more challenging than what many people might suppose.

But the issue of determining the serving temperature for wine can be made simple with the use of the VINOMIO Wine Chiller. This item is made from top quality stainless steel. VINOMIO also comes with its own aerator which means that you no longer need to decant the wine after pouring. This chiller is also geared up with a simple but practical pourer which makes it simple for you to put directly from the bottle even while it is attached.

With the help of VINOMIO you can become an ideal host when it comes to serving wine. You do not need to make any guesses. With this wine chiller on your side you are going to hit the right temperature all the time.

VINOMIO was developed to work with any type of wine and is extremely simple to use and clean. It is the best solution to the great wine serving temperature problem.