keithjennison April 26, 2014

I just looked for a gadget that would make baking simple and fun. I was tired of wasting time greasing pans and cutting parchment paper. Dissatisfied when pastries and cookies stuck to the pan or baked unevenly. I hated removing the cheese that adheres to the pan when I make nachos. The Neko Café (TM) Premium Baking Mat is made from premium quality silicone coated fiberglass and it has really changed my life in the kitchen.

Picture… your homemade chocolate chip cookies slide right off the baking liner onto the plate. You rinse the mat. The cookie sheet is still clean! Even baked-on cheese doesn’t stick. Now that I don’t need to grease pans or cut parchment paper and cleanup is so quick, I have more leisure time. Reliable, even baking means my results are uniformly something I can be pleased with! These mats are so simple to use and versatile that I would like to use them every day! And you will, too!

The quality is so much better than the low-cost baking mats I bought in the past that came apart or felt too thin. They are sold in sets of 2, which is what you need when you are baking cookies.

These silicone baking liners are FDA and NSF certified, certified Kosher and are BPA-free and FPOA-free. There is a Life time Guarantee- if you are not pleased with your baking liner, return it and The Neko Café (TM) will replace it free. Plus, they are sold and delivered through Amazon, so you get quick delivery and great customer service.

I’m really happy with The Neko Café (TM) Baking Mats. If you want to make baking simpler and even more fun, I encourage you to click on the link to order your set of 2 silicone baking mats and see for yourself. I think you will be pleased you did.

Here’s just how you can make making bread easy and fun!

The Neko Cafe (TM) Premium Cooking Sheets are made from exceptional quality silicone covered fiberglass made to conserve your time and make baking fun!

They are nonstick so roasts slide right off

Easy to wash – just rinse, wipe and air dry.

Store the sheets rolled or flat

These silicone mats bake evenly, which provides you much better results.

And they are so versatile – you can use these cooking mats for cooking bread, sweet rolls,
biscuits, nachos, french fries, roasting meat, veggies and fish, and for rolling and kneading bread dough and piecrust.

Make these baking liners one component of a healthy and balanced low-fat diet regimen

The mats are made using a top quality silicone outer layer

The Neko Café (TM) Baking Mats can be safely used in the freezer, oven and microwave.

They can handle with temperature levels up to 480 degrees.

The mats are FDA and NSF certified, certified Kosher, BPA-free and FPOA-free.

They are covered by a Life time warranty. If you are not pleased with your baking liner, return it and The Neko Café (TM) will be happy to replace it free of charge.


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