keithjennison May 11, 2014

Bonus recipes which come free of charge when purchasing the Thermo Master 3000 are presented in this colored, white-board video recording. The buyer gets recipes for seven sauces, three rubs, and a Brown Gravy recipe, as well as marinades.

The "super-simple" rubs are described as using items the purchaser most likely has in their kitchen presently. The pan drippings from any oven-roasted meat, including roasted chicken, may be used for the Brown Gravy recipe.

The video recording presents suggestions for making use of the recipe for Green Chili Sauce and in addition details how to marinate meat. Images exhibit two ways to use Green Chili Sauce – one of green chili enchiladas and one of a green chili sauce smothered cheese omelet.

At the end of this video, a viewer is presented a picture of the Thermo Master 3000 and informed the way it can be purchased. Plainly visible are the three red control buttons – on/off, Celsius/Fahrenheit, minimum/maximum temperature, and hold temperature that the customer may use to maintain display of the present temperature..