Guest May 23, 2014

Do you drink coffee? Did you know that coffee farmers make use of more chemicals for the protection of their plants compared to practically any other safe to eat item in the world market today?

Now a new brand name of coffee has recently been released, called "Granny's Gourmet Coffee" providing Organic and Fair Trade coffee beans from around the globe. What does this mean for you? It means you now have a brand where you can be confident all the coffee is Organic Certified, the product contains no chemicals, harmful fertilizer or water and ground impurities as certified by the National Organic Program.

Being organic is not the only standards we follow at Granny‘s Gourmet. The small coffee farmers have to additionally be Fair Trade Certified by The Fair Trade Federation. This means the farmers get a fair wage for their crops, and they comply with specific criteria like the enforcement of correct job and safety regulations. With fair prices the farmers can invest in better devices and machines, pay their laborers better incomes so the laborers can better provide for their families. You can be assured that every one of the products provided by Granny's Gourmet Coffee are healthier for consumption, better for the environment and aid with international economic issues.

By switching over to Granny's Gourmet organic fair trade coffee you will be helping the farmers get a fair earnings for their crops while reducing their direct exposure to toxins and other environmental hazards in their environment. You will be assisting the laborers to acquire a far better standard of living with maintainable incomes that enable them to better give for their families and you will be helping your family by providing them a coffee free of toxins or leftover chemicals that are commonly located in products treated with chemicals and non organic fertilizer.

Our Mission is to supply Organic Chemical Free Coffee Beans to Coffee Concurs, Produced by Small Farmers worldwide, Paid Fair Prices for their products.

Making a Difference One Cup At A Time.

Special Organic – Fair Trade Coffee
Always Consistent Smooth Creamy Flavor – Never ever Bitter
Great Medium Roasted -Full Bodied -Robust Flavor Coffee
Fresh Roasted Organic – Fair Trade Beans
The Best – Freshest Premium Beans Available
These are the best beans grown utilizing Lasting and Organic practices. All of our coffee is fresh roasted and shipped the same day to ensure freshness in every mug. We look the globe over for these organic accredited beans, roast them to perfection so you can enjoy the constant complete taste to the very last mug.
Always Smooth with distinct Flavors The beans are selected for their high quality and distinct cupping taste one-of-a-kind per mixture with a range of superior top quality exotic regional beans from worldwide.
Our Premium Specialty Coffee is Fresh Roasted with the Best Beans you can find. With a 100 % Money Back Satisfaction Assurance it permit's you to buy with confidence.

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