Guest May 24, 2014

Are you looking for a fun new kitchen gadget that is both stylish and useful? Do you hate when your scotch gets too diluted with regular ice cubes? Do you like to impress your guests when they come over for a dinner party?

If you’ve responded yes to any of the questions above, you need to get your hands on a set of Premium Ice Sphere Molds by Infernal Innovations, an instant hit in any home bar. These ice ball molds are sure to stand out as they produce large 2.5″ ice spheres which are suitable for any beverage that you want to keep cool for a long time.

Ice rounds were initially developed for cocktails and scotch in high end bars that required an ice press, a large metal contraption with a price tag of over 1000$. Infernal Innovations allows you to get wonderful results with their Ice Ball Molds in your own home at a fraction of the price.

Of course you can use these huge ice spheres in your favorite scotch, bourbon or cocktail but they are also really useful on hot days for pitchers of iced tea, lemonade, juice or ice coffee making them a must have kitchen gadget for absolutely everyone.

The design behind the molds themselves is straight forward – they are made of a quality sturdy plastic base with a nice orange silicone cover which is excellent for many reasons; they can be stacked, don’t fall over in the freezer, catch any excess water in the eight grooves of the lid, are dishwasher friendly and most importantly, they produce consistent and predictable results for your enjoyment at home.

Now you can benefit from fantastic ice spheres which are also extremely practical as they are the equivalent volume of 5-6 regular ice cubes in one. They melt much slower than ice cubes due to the reduced surface area of a sphere vs a cube, which means that your drinks stay cooler for longer periods and don’t get diluted. This makes them ideal for expensive liquor that you want to appreciate but also for ordinary drinks like sparkling water or juice.