Month: June 2014

Guest June 27, 2014

Exactly what makes an excellent lunch box?Individual taste and preferences matter, however there are a few things that make good sense and must be completely considered prior to purchasing your next one.• Insulation. You desire the food to preserve its original taste, temperature level and quality as long as possible. This need to be one […]

Guest June 24, 2014

Ingredients: Matcha Green Tea Lattes1½ tsp. green tea (matcha) powder1 Tbsp. hot water (not boiling water)1 cup milk (cows, almond, soy, etc1 tsp. sugar (optional) Instructions to make Matcha Green Tea Lattes1. Sift green tea powder into the cup to get rid of the lumps in the powder. 2. Add hot (not boiling) water and […]

Guest June 22, 2014

ChillWarmer's most recent product, the HydroValve Sport Water Bottle, has struck the marketplace. In addition to the streamlined design, the HydroValve boasts a removeable bite valve & flip straw for simple cleaning and no spilling. This sports bottle makes sure to satisfy your exercise physical fitness and training gear needs by offering a quick flow […]

Guest June 21, 2014 Ham is one of my preferred foods to consume during the summer season time. I have actually been making ham on the grill for many years and I constantly like to experiment with brand-new recipes for ham. I believed I had actually tried everything, however I still never ever felt like I tried the […]

Guest June 20, 2014 I’ll make this short and to the point. The Cave Tools meat shredder forks in this video are absolutely incredible. Ever since the bear paw guys came out with their bear paw meat forks a few years earlier, everyone has actually been coming out with their own models. Some people call them meat managing […]

Guest June 19, 2014

As a health-conscious person, I really appreciate the fact these Bakery Elements silicone baking cups are made from BPA-free, FDA-approved, heat- and cold-resistant, food-grade silicone. What’s more, they are truly non-stick. This also means that you don’t have to use unhealthy cooking sprays or oils. These baking molds are a better option to paper cups […]

Guest June 18, 2014

Chillwarmer provides the supreme in convenience for people on the go! This lightweight, insulated food container functions as a bottle warmer. Perfect for parents on the go! It is spill-proof, child-proof, and life-proof. It stands up to the day and always provides. Keep your cold food cold and your hot food hot! And steer clear […]

Guest June 17, 2014

Who is tired of burning those ordinary old material pot holders on the range? Don't you hate how, depending on the quality of product used, your pot holders and/or mitts wind up fraying, burning, or melting? Are you tired of going through mitten after mitten or pot holder after pot holder? It's about time you […]

Guest June 16, 2014

What it does The Digital LCD Food Thermometer enables you to cook with assurance by accurately reading the temperature of your cooked food. How it works By inserting the cooking thermometers stainless steel sensor probe in to your cooked meal it produces a clear reading on the LCD display screen. Characteristics The readings are displayed […]