Month: September 2014

Guest September 26, 2014

The final in the series, this Asparagus and Mushroom Risotto is to die for. It takes more time to prepare than most dishes in our range of food demonstrations at LeVinRouge, but it's worth the effort. This feels both light and comforting at the same time. The rice gives the recipe a wholesome taste but […]

Guest September 25, 2014

I regularly hold mixed drinks parties for my friends and I'm always trying to find cocktail recipes I can make up, so to start we are going to make a mojito cocktail. Mojitos are a very popular drink and one you should always include at your next cocktail event. There are so many variations […]

Guest September 21, 2014

Pizza! My absolute favourite dinner to cook, it was a deciding factor when contemplating creating a 7-piece collection on Italian Dishes at LeVinRouge. Staying true to our style at LeVinRouge, this is as homemade as can be and we use only the best, freshest ingredients in our recipes, being careful to keep even the most […]

Guest September 20, 2014

Homemade Traditional Spaghetti CarbonaraOk, not everybody has a Pasta Maker. But everyone SHOULD HAVE! Since we invested a whole $25 in our Pasta Maker 1 month ago, we have used it once a week every week since. My personal favourite is Spaghetti, thus the reason I have included it in this recipe. If you don’t […]

Guest September 19, 2014

The sole dessert in the LeVinRouge Italian Special Series. Right here is the dessert that parents need to know about!! It’s a very straightforward dish to make, and there’s lots of fun to be enjoyed if you want to get the children involved and ignite an interest in baking perhaps. For the adults – pair […]

Guest September 18, 2014

Lemon Chicken with Baby SpudsFor a taste of Italy, don’t miss this fantastically easy and exquisite Lemon Chicken. It’s as easy as preparing a fresh and delightfully tasty marinade, and roasting in the oven for approximately 25 minutes. Preparation Time: 5 mins Cooking Time: 25 minsIngredients (Serves 2):2 Medium Chicken BreastsBaby Potatoes (quantity to your […]

Guest September 17, 2014

All of us like those juicy steaks made on grill. However when it comes to cleaning the grill after the barbecue, we want to have a device that will assist us to clean our grill quickly and easy. By reading further, you'll find an outstanding high quality grill brush that will assist you to clean […]