Month: September 2014

Guest September 13, 2014

What it does The Digital LCD Cooking Thermometer enables you to cook with confidence by accurately reading the temperature of your cooked meals. How it works By inserting the cooking thermometers stainless steel sensor probe in to your cooked meal it produces a clear reading on the LCD monitor screen. Functions The readings are given […]

Guest September 5, 2014

After being miserable for almost a year with another ulcer, I realized it was time to make some healthier options. I very quickly made some sudden life choices to facilitate my about-face. I quit my place of employment that I disliked and began my journey to becoming vegan. Just a couple weeks in, I observed […]

Guest September 4, 2014

I use organic coconut oil regularly whenever I want to saute veggies. I have on hand another brand name of organic coconut oil, but was very shocked when I opened nature green organic Coconut Oil. This is among the best quality organic coconut oil that you can find on amazon. I stayed in Asian nations […]

Guest September 3, 2014

Mixed drinks are an amazing drink and one that a lot of folks adore, so that's the reason why ifeeltipsy provide tasty mixed drink recipes for you to have. We don't just give you tasty recipes but are the manufacturers of amazing quality bar accessories that gives the ability for everyone to invent awesome tasting […]

Guest September 2, 2014

Are you like a lot of people and you really love a awesome tasting Cosmopolitan cocktail, that's the reason this video is right up your alley. I'm always looking for new recipes to create and when I find a great one I just had to show you. It's made by ifeeltipsy who produce great bar […]