Guest October 8, 2014

After decades of drinking the same well known coffee, I suddenly noticed one day that it didn't taste the like it used to. In fact, it was EXACTLY the same, but my flavor palette had improved and my normal coffee just didn't give me the flavor I needed.
The answer was Vienna Blend Gourmet Coffee – a 100% Arabica whole bean that's roasted in small batches to retain maximum flavor. As a medium/dark roast it works throughout the day and I now enjoy great flavor from breakfast through to dinner!
Because it's a whole bean I can grind to match my brew method: French Press for breakfast, Percolator or drip at lunchtime, and stovetop after dinner.
The best thing about it is the dependability – great taste all day, every day.

Your search for the best everyday coffee is at last over. When you purchase from us today, here's what you can look forward to as you open your first bag of Vienna Blend beans…

Open it carefully, taking note of the resealable top, and breathe deeply.
Take your time…
…to inhale the heavenly smell: complex with chocolate undertones and a freshness that will make you desperate to taste the sweetly intense flavour. Measure beans into your grinder, warm your favorite cup, and get ready for a rich flavor experience as you prepare your first Vienna Blend coffee.
You'll fall in love with that first taste, smooth and sweetly intense with low acidity and a flavor that you can only get from a quality gourmet coffee.
100% taste is guaranteedinevitable!
So why do our Vienna Blend beans taste so good in comparison to other brands?
It's simple really…
Our research showed us that the tastiest coffee came from 100% Arabica beans grown by small scale talented farmers in volcanic soil – which is rich in nutrients.
By working with people who are passionate about coffee, and then slow roasting small batches in the America, we can preserve the integrity of the bean and maintain maximum taste.
We know there's concerns over coffee production – so we SOURCE ALL OUR BEANS ETHICALLY from experienced family run farms in Colombia, Guatemala and Brazil. Growers who love their work and pass down their knowledge from generation to generation.

Perhaps this attention to detail is what makes us different?

Our customers get superb flavor from our Vienna Blend whole bean coffee and online ordering convenience – so that they can enjoy delicious gourmet coffee all day, every day.

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