Guest March 10, 2015

Several individuals think that the reason for the very popular Indian dish, tandoori chicken, to have a bright red color is simply because the dish is spicy. What they never know is the only reason the dish has this bright red color is simply because of the amounts of food coloring that goes into it, staining whoever touches it for days.

Frequently the recipe of tandoori chicken calls for red food coloring to bring out the bright red color, which is not good for your health. Numerous powdered tandoori masalas include high amounts of red chili powder to achieve that bright red color.

Our tandoori masala has pure components such as paprika measured in equal amounts to still attain a slight organic red color and enable the dish to be flavorful without the chilies.

The name 'tandoori' comes from the way it used to be cooked, which is utilizing a tandoor oven-a clay oven which reaches high temperatures. You cook this dish traditionally in a tandoor oven, or alternatively you can also cook it in a BBQ or an oven. Normally chicken is used, even though you can constantly replace it with other meat, fish, vegetables, paneer or tofu. This dish can be served with naan, rice or salad, and garnished with lemon.

Since our spice mix does not incorporate any additives or preservatives, is gluten cost-free, nut totally free, salt totally free, and fat totally free, this signifies that you can develop a dish that is healthy for you and your loved ones.

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