Guest March 15, 2015

Vindaloo is a dish produced employing vinegar and its also well-known for its spiciness. Though believed to be originally from India, it is located out that it originated in Europe and was brought to Goa by Portuguese explorers in the late 1400s.

The Portuguese name 'vinha d'alho' referred to the flavors that went into the dish, wine vinegar and garlic. Soon after the dish was brought to Goa, the Indian influences had been added into the dish such as chilies and spices. The name of the dish was also changed to vindaloo.

Vindaloo is well-known for getting one of the spiciest curries, even though it traditionally wasn't meant to be as hot as it is now. Adding excess chilies to a dish that does not need it can overrule the principal flavors of the dish and bring the complete dish down.

In our vindaloo spice mix, we have stuck with the standard vindaloo dish to how it was produced originally, for that reason it includes no chilies that over energy the flavors of the spices or the dish as a complete.

As a result, this dish can be recreated in a way that it was meant to be appropriate in your kitchen and can be enjoyed with an equal, balanced quantity of spices. Though the original version of vindaloo utilised to contact for pork, you can also use chicken, beef, lamb, tofu, prawns, or vegetables of your option to generate this dish.

You can add your own chilies in to make this dish as hot as you like, or serve it with yogurt to cool it down. You can also serve it with rice, roti or naan bread. It can be garnished with coriander leaves. Also attempt adding potatoes to generate a far more modern day version of vindaloo.

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