Guest March 19, 2015

Ever go to a party and see something brand-new and different, and think, "I have to have these!"? Well that is precisely what occurred to me when I saw these truly cool drink identifiers.

When I attended my friend's bridal shower, they had this set of 12 adorable wine identifiers that attached THROUGH the glass with very powerful magnets. These magnets held the charm in place on the rim of the glass instead of on the foot or around the stem. The set of 12 charms had 6 different high heels and 6 colorful handbags – so not only were they lovely, they identified everyone's glass.

So I did some searching and found these wine glass markers on I am an Amazon Prime member and I enjoy their high devotion to service and their easy check out. Then the seller of the wine glass markers, Simply Charmed, followed up with me to make certain I received the glass identifiers and to make certain I understood how they worked – remarkable!

When I hosted my next event, I realized something fun, the magnetic identifiers attached through any glass, not just wine glasses. They quickly connected through martini glasses, champagne flutes and even my heavy beer mugs. Also, I found Simply Charmed offers numerous sets on Amazon, such as beach styles, holiday styles, and Swarovski crystals. I bought more for me and additional sets for birthday presents.

If you like to entertain and WOW your friends, then you need these fantastic wine glass markers. Make certain you have them on hand for your next event. Simply click the link below and order a set through Amazon ~ you and your friends are going to enjoy this fantastic product!

More about this wine glass charms product

OUR GLASS MARKERS WORK ON ALL YOUR WINE GLASSES! This fun brand-new wine accessory uses the power of rare earth magnets to connect THROUGH your wine glass. Therefore they work with other kinds of glasses and acrylics too, such as stemless wine glasses, champagne flutes, martini glasses, solo cups and even beer mugs. Taking your stemless glasses to the swimming pool or an outdoor performance? Add a glass marker and know which glass is yours with our magnetic wine identifiers!
YOUR GUESTS WILL CERTAINLY ENJOY THESE! Not only will your guests think these wine markers are fun and different, they will certainly love picking their charm! Simply have your glasses charmed before everyone's arrival and let each person select their charm for the night. Take a look at all our charm designs, there is one ideal for every single celebration, and no one will ever have to ask, "Which glass is mine?".
IDEAL FOR A VARIETY OF OCCASIONS: Dinner parties, book club, girls night, birthday celebrations, and holiday gatherings are all fantastic events to use wine identifiers and distinguish everyone's glasses. Our sets of 6 or 12 charms are also fantastic to have on hand for hostess gifts, birthdays, teacher gifts, office gift exchanges and stocking stuffers.
EASY TO USE: Carefully place back magnet inside glass near the top of the rim, hold marker on the exterior of the glass, holding firmly till magnets meet. They work on any sort of glass, even acrylic and paper, up to 5 mm in thickness. The magnets will certainly not influence the taste of the beverage, nor will the beverage influence the magnets. Simply return the identifiers to the container when finished so they are ready for your next celebration.