Guest March 31, 2015

If you think like me, you enjoy keeping things within quick and easy reach when you're cooking– the spices right here, the spoon rest there, a space for prepping the food etc. and you get a smooth and steady rhythm going. When that's happening, even a chore becomes a soothing activity. When it doesn't it's maddening, aggravating, and annoying. I confess some disruptions in the process can and will occur, however others are absolutely unnecessary and convince you there's got to be a much better way.

Take plastic wrap. (Or don't!) It's one of my pet peeves. How about you? Sometimes it pulls right out, does not tangle, tears right off, and slips over the container practically like magic. However, more often than not, it does not. The front edge got caught up inside the box or worse, the side edge has actually been slowly tearing away for the last few pulls unnoticed, so now there's a thick wedge leftover that has to be mangled off to finally get a full sheet again. I hate that!

And of course there's battling with each sheet as it tries to cling to itself or anything other than that container, or falls just short of covering the edge so you now must lift and try again. It's frustrating, to put it politely!

Then there's the waste because It can not be used again. Even lifting to stir while microwaving can destroy the seal. And you need fresh wrap for leftovers in the frig where you hope the children will not "taste" and leave them unsuspectingly half covered.

I kept thinking there's got to be a much better way to cook, seal, and store our food! Cling wrap might have been fantastic for Granny, however this is the 21st century! It's time for a modern solution.

So I got looking and discovered this remarkable, versatile and attractive 5 Piece Set of Silicone Covers on Amazon with a great 100% Satisfaction warranty. Begone, cling wrap!

I found these lids suction seal incredibly tight and with amazing ease. And, surprisingly, they're just as much a cinch to slide off when done. They're reusable, easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher, and have interlocking lids for quick storage. I'm delighted they're food safe and BPA Free. And they're so multi-purpose! You can use them in the oven, microwave, freezer or refrigerator, easy-peasy. They fit any smooth rimmed container from 5" – 10" which means most things like your cups and glasses to bowls and pots can be covered with one simple swoop and press. Even children can handle it without trouble, and that's a real plus.

They're pretty too. So I can keep food warm for a bit in the kitchen or at the table, even with guests. I also enjoy how they're fantastic for outdoors, keeping the food fresh and the bugs out. A lot more enjoyable for everybody.

They're really kind of enjoyable to surprise people too, I need to confess I've done that. It's hard not to due to the fact that you can actually lift a bowl or pot up with the cover alone, the seal is so tight! It's absolutely a great way to WOW your good friends!

I have to mention how much I trust the people I bought these lids from. You could not ask for more fantastic customer service. They even provided me with some valuable use and care suggestions that made it simple to begin using them immediately. I've discovered so many ways to use them at this point that I sometimes wonder how I ever did without them.

At last there is a stress free "Perfect and Simple" solution to plastic wrap that conserves money and time, cuts waste, and cheerfully announces "Welcome to the 21st Century!"

Check them out for yourself. I think you'll be happy you did.

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