Guest June 15, 2015

What a time saver! I haven't used these for pulled pork yet, but they are absolutely fantastic for shredding chicken! I make a lot of meals that contain shredded chicken like enchiladas or chicken noodle soup and I have to say, these things are revolutionary!

I use to invest a large amount of time pulling meats with two forks, but with these best BBQ Meat Claws by CookArt it now only takes me a matter of minutes to shred my meals.

I can even use them to effortlessly move my meats over to a plate for pulling.The grip is comfortable and they're dishwasher safe. I couldn't be more satisfied with this solution!

Your search for the best BBQ meat handlers is ultimately over! When you buy from us right now, here's just some of the factors you can appear forward to…

· Get ready to pull 40 lbs of pork butts in less than 20 minutes, whereas traditional large BBQ carving forks would take Every single butt over 15 minutes. Move the hottest slow cooked or smoked meat without burning your fingers with the stay cool handles

· The sharpest claws for shredding pork or beef and carving poultry without worrying about cutting your self! Also cleaning is a breeze following shredding eight pounds of roast below minutes simply toss them in your dishwasher!

· Carry them around with you, and use them to defend yourself from predators! That's right, you don't have to keep these only in your kitchen. Make an uninvited guest think twice before approaching you as these serve as the prefect self defense device!

· Probably our attention on detail is what separates us from the rest! Other claws are too short, don't fit in your hand properly or simply becomes deformed from the heat of dishwasher. Also we back up all our goods with an unconditional 1 year warranty so ordering again with us will always be hassle free and an overall fantastic experience!

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