Guest June 16, 2015

I wouldn't call myself a big drinker but I do enjoy a glass of wine every now and then with my dinner, particularly really nice dinners. My main issue with wine drinking has always been with opening the actual wine bottle. I can never seem to get a bottle opened cleanly. I usually have trouble cutting the foil leaving it torn and shredded or I usually have cork bits floating inside the wine bottle. For me, this has been an ongoing issue.

I hadn't seen my girlfriend in a good while because my work had me traveling on assignment. I wanted to have her over for a good dinner with a good bottle of wine. I didn't want to embarrass myself trying to open another bottle of wine so I decided to go on to look for some help. I came across this interesting wine opener called the Piedmont Deluxe 4 in 1 wine opener. It caught my attention because of the unique packaging and also because it was 4 wine accessories all in one unit.

I wouldn't even say that this 4 in 1 wine opener is simply a "wine opener". It is way more than this and calling it a "wine opener" really doesn't do it any justice. It includes the foil cutter, corkscrew, wine pourer and wine stopper. This is way more than just a simple "wine opener".

The foil cutter is impressive. It is located on the inside of the opener near the bottom. It gave a smooth cut the first time I used it. The foil came off with ease. The corkscrew was impressive too. It only required a few twists of the wine opener's head and the cork popped off the bottle with ease. The cork came off cleanly and didn't break up into pieces.

The added bonuses were the wine pourer and stopper. The wine pourer was impressive and made pouring the wine nice and easy. The wine stopper gave an air-tight seal and enabled me to enjoy the wine's fresh taste for 3 days after it was first opened.

The Piedmont 4 in 1 also came with a helpful downloadable report and a free storage bag. None of the other wine openers I saw came with this. This was hands down a great deal and it came with an affordable price.

My girlfriend and I had a great dinner date. I opened the bottle of Merlot I selected with no problems whatsoever. The Piedmont 4 in 1 made me look competent and efficient that night with my girlfriend.

The Piedmont Deluxe 4 in 1 wine opener is a must have for any wine drinker!

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The Piedmont Deluxe 4 in 1 wine opener is a lot more than just a simple wine opener. It has a host of impressive features and benefits that every wine lover can appreciate…

1. Its screwpull corkscrew enables a clean & smooth opening without cork bits floating in the wine glasses of your dinner guests.

2. The wine stopper gives you fresh and good tasting wine days after opening. Its air-tight closure allows you to properly "keep" your unfinished bottle of wine without needing to use a cork.

3. The wine pourer is of the free flowing variety and gives you a nice wine pour without any spills. This way you are able to enjoy all of your wine.

4. The Piedmont 4 in 1 comes with a Free appealing storage and travel bag allowing you to carry your opener with you to your favorite wine events and activities. It also comes with an easy and simple way to store the wine bottle opener at home.

5. Free downloadable pdf report to help you optimize and experience the most from your Piedmont 4 in 1 purchase. The report provides you with helpful information on how to maneuver the wine opener and avoid typical errors made by other users.

6. The Piedmont 4 in 1 wine opener provides you with everything you need to relax and enjoy your wine all in one unit. Why have multiple wine opening tools that make it tougher to store your wine and cost you more money when you can have it all in one?