Month: June 2015

Guest June 12, 2015

Meat Claws are an notion that ought to have happened long ago. I was searching on Amazon for a present for a friend of mine, who loves making pulled pork dishes, and I ran across this thing known as a meat claw. They caught my attention because, at 1st glance, it reminded me of some […]

Guest June 11, 2015

Fantastic how something we take for granted like a Zester-Grater can make such a big difference in the kitchen, including bursts of taste, variety and creativity to dishes that will certainly have family and friends bragging and coming back for more! I just recently discovered a modern utensil that zests and grates like never ever […]

Guest June 9, 2015

The very best kept Superfood secret understood to man has actually been right under your nose! The Chinese and the Japanese have been using this effective anti-oxidant for well over 1000 years. The Japanese refer to it as Matcha. In Japanese "cha" means tea and "ma" means powder. You may also know it as powdered […]