Month: August 2015

Guest August 27, 2015

I came across this wonderful pizza cutter on Amazon and it is fabulous. Immediately as it arrived, I threw away my antiquated pizza wheel. I have, many times in the past, gotten frustrated while cutting my pizza, due to the poor technology of the pizza wheel. My pizza slices were cut jagged, and the cheese […]

Guest August 26, 2015

I have been preparing fish for ages and I just learned I've been doing it wrong! Did you know there was such a thing as a fish spatula? I had no idea! Week in week out I've been preparing my meals: salmon, tuna, cod, you name it – ripping up the underside and destroying my […]

Guest August 14, 2015

My spouse Layla and I enjoy to prepare delicious food. We have been making our way through meal after meal with an old chewed up plastic cutting board and my moms old glass cutting board which was very deafening! We were talking with some pals over lunch one day when we mentioned our quest for […]

Guest August 4, 2015

So, if you are like me you want things to be right, to look great and reflect your style. That's the very same whether its your kitchen or the food that you produce for your friends and family. I appreciate it may seem silly getting hung up on a digital kitchen scale but Kernow Kitchen […]