Guest August 21, 2015

If you are preparing to mix cocktails for your family later or host a cocktail party this weekend then you have to ensure you have a high quality cocktail muddler. There is nothing worse than making drinks, which are extremely bitter or lack the complete fruity flavors. This is exactly what in fact happened to me for a very long time and I am a little embarrassed to say that I didn't understand exactly what I was doing wrong until last month.

A buddy of mine introduced me to new stainless steel cocktail muddler he bought on Amazon recently. Like me, he had only been utilizing wooden muddlers for years and was experiencing the very same issue – substandard over bitterly fruitless concoctions.

I have to say that I was impressed from the minute he took it out of the beautiful gift box. This cocktail muddler had an elegant design, a lively metallic silver color with black silicone bands at the top to offer additional grip. The teeth at the bottom made it simple to free the juice from the fruit and herbs without over crushing them. The cocktail muddler not only looked amazing but the result was too. As I sipped on the revitalizing mojito my good friend had kindly made us I was in awe, as I could immediately taste the distinction. There was no bitterness; the mojito was full of flavors and I understood straightaway the error I had been making for years.

Needless to say that as soon as I returned to my house I was on Amazon acquiring this stylish solution to my cocktail fiasco. Amazon makes it so simple to find exactly what you are trying to find and with their one click purchase function I was finished within a few minutes. To my surprise this item also had a lifetime assurance and 3 complimentary bonuses that offer you ideas on how to perform the muddling technique, making the purchase a total no brainer.

Whether this your first time acquiring a drink muddler or your aiming to update your present barware set, I encourage you to click the link below and order The Floeberg Cocktail Muddler on Amazon today. I would like to hear your comments.

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The Grooved Nylon Tip help squeeze every drop of juice WITHOUT OVER CRUSHING the ingredients or scratching the glass.

Exceptional Quality Stainless Steel Handle & Nylon Head ensure that FLAVORS ARE NOT TRANSFERRED when muddling more than one beverage.

Elegant Ergonomic Design makes you look professional whilst you effortlessly muddle your preferred Concoctions RAPIDLY WITH LESS WORK.

Detachable Silicone Rings allow you MAINTAIN STRONG GRIP even when the handle gets wet.

The Floeberg Cocktail Muddler a LIFETIME GUARANTEE AND THREE COMPLIMENTARY GIFTS that will certainly take you from Mixology Newbie to a Bartending Pro in no time.