Guest October 6, 2015

Usually I don't eat protein bars, but these are so good that they merit better than the name "protein bar." Comparing a Rox Bar to anything else is like comparing a five star restaurant's gourmet seven cheese panini to the greasy grilled cheese sandwich your drunk roommate made in the microwave. Rox Bars are premium. Simply the best. Nothing else even comes close.

From the first bite there's the flavor- so impressive. They taste like mom's cookies and that's the best way of putting it. They're the ideal consistency, easy to chew and swallow, and they don't leave an unwanted aftertaste like so many other bars. They come in four delectable varieties: Cocoa Cherry, Cranberry Pecan, Blueberry Almond, and Vanilla Latte. Cranberry Pecan is my favorite, but Blueberry Almond is a close second! I enjoy them all. It's like the perfect amount of sweetness.

Also there's the health dimension. I'm pretty health oriented, so I always read the label of whatever I'm going to make a part of my diet. Rox Bars are a dream come true. No joke, it's as if they put together an all-American dream team of ingredients. Calories? 255-266, ideal for my post-workout snack or for a meal on the go. Sugars? They only come from honey and organic coconut sugar, so I don't get that sinking spell that most bars give me after the initial boost. Rox Bars keep me energized for hours. Carbs and Protein? The proportions are perfect, and at about 20% protein by weight, they're finally what I'm looking for. 10-13 grams a serving.

This is the bottom line: we've all been convinced of the concept of nutrition bars as quick and tasty, a good aid for your health and fitness goals, blah blah blah. Every other bar is frankly pretty disappointing and filled with junk, despite being labeled a "health product." Rox Bars deliver on the promise of the protein bar. They're tasty, convenient, and I feel good about eating them! Don't delay to give them a try- you won't want any other brand of protein bar again.

• Yummy gluten & soy free protein bar snacks. Nutritious, sugar alcohol free, long lasting energy.
• Non GMO bars with low glycemic index. Healthy non-dairy snack bars for clean eating.
• Real, all natural ingredients for optimum performance. Fresh oats, almonds, egg whites, coconut sugars, honey, and other tasty flavors!
• High in fiber, packed with protein, perfect for snacks or after workout nutrition.
• Moist and chewy. Great for hiking or other outdoor activities!

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