Guest October 7, 2015

I recently discovered this elegant maple hardwood pizza cutter by TróCrihon.

This pizza cutter is fantastic! I am amazed at how well it cuts through pizza crust, as well as quesadillas, sandwiches, veggies and more! My sister is a working mom and has a TróCrihon Pizza Cutter. She says that she does not have to be concerned about whether or not her two teenagers will cut themselves or hurt each other if they're goofing around in the kitchen while using the TróCrihon Pizza Cutter, as they prepare their after-school snacks.

What a brilliant idea to fashion such a kitchen tool that is so beautiful and safe! Not to mention that it's made right here in the USA! If anyone reading this is interested in a pizza cutter that is environmentally friendly, versatile, safe and simple to clean, you should definitely try the TróCrihon Pizza Cutter today!

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