Guest October 10, 2015

This book includes the precise steps and suggestions used by my family for generations to prepare the traditional valencian paella. Unless you have been in Valencia and got in contact with the local individuals who use to prepare paella for centuries you will not find out anywhere else how authentic valencian paella is prepared.

Paella has endless variations; 'Paella recipes' search in Google yields more than a million results. But the original recipe is the one that started centuries ago in the Valencian region in Spain. Unless you have visited Valencia you have probably never tasted it. Now, you can cook it yourself.

Easy, right to the point steps will assist you all the way through. Just follow it and you will master the authentic paella cooking.

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Have you wanted to venture into the kitchen area and produce an authentic and traditional Paella, however not known where to turn for real guidance?This Step-By-Step Guide Will Teach You The Best Ways To Make An Authentic Valencian Paella.

Right here's your opportunity to get adetailed guide to creating a fantastic meal from scratch, utilizing traditional tools, techniques and ingredients.

Do you have a supper party coming up and want to WOW your visitors? Do you want to prepare an unique meal for an unique celebration? Do you want to expand your palate to a world-renowned meal? Do you want to impress your associates at a company occasion? If so … You NEED this book!

Being born in Valencia(Spain)the author could not help but attempting to spread the word of how paella is traditionally prepared. The way is prepared in every home every Sunday or at unique events.This ebook is your detailed, easy to follow overview of creating paella that will AMAZE your visitors, your household and your friends.

Written in a clear and simple-to-follow way, this book will helpyou master in a brief period of time the cooking of this traditional meal". Maria will teach you: the kind of pan and cooking utensils to use, the very best heat source, the very best cooking approach how to take care of your cooking utensils, what traditional ingredients are used, exactly what alternate ingredients can be made use of, the best mix of spices to produce the authentic Valencian Paella the traditional serving approach.

YOU might be amazed at this! Apart from this, you will find a collection of Tips and Suggestions that will dramatically improve your final result. These are tricks that help to reduce your knowing curve and prepare the very best traditional and authentic valencian paella from almost day one.

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