Guest October 22, 2015

As an active marathoner and wrestler, I’m always looking for ways to increase my protein intake. It can be frustrating trying to find quality food products to keep me getting stronger, and it doesn’t make any sense that virtually every protein bar out there is so filled with chemicals and unnatural ingredients (the ones that aren’t taste awful). Ever since I sampled a Rox Bar and looked over the back of the package, I’ve never returned to anything else.

Usually eating a protein bar is not very pleasant and it takes half a bottle of water to swallow. With Rox Bars, the only problem is holding back so I don’t have to reorder every couple of days. The ingredients are all-natural, definitely meant to be a slow-burn formula so that it will keep me going for an entire workout, and it does. I like to have one before and after I exercise. They help me achieve my nutrition goals, I feel strong when I eat them, and the results are tangible.

If you want a higher class of nutrition bar, buy a box of Rox Bars. You’ll be excited for life, I promise you. Cocoa Cherry is my go-to flavor, but I like all four flavors. You can choose from Cocoa Cherry, Blueberry Almond, Vanilla Latte, and Cranberry Pecan and I would guess that there are more flavors on the way.

Rox Bars are the best!

– Delicious gluten & soy free protein bar snacks. Nutritious, no sugar alcohol, long lasting energy.
– Non GMO food with low glycemic index. Healthy non-dairy nutrition bars for clean eating.
– Real, all natural ingredients for sustained performance. Fresh oats, almonds, egg whites, coconut sugars, honey, and other wonderful flavors!
– High in fiber, full of protein, perfect for meal replacement or after workout nutrition.
– Moist and chewy. Great for hiking or other outdoor activities!

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