Guest November 14, 2015

As an athlete taking classes full-time in college, I knew I needed a higher type of energy than I was getting from Ramen noodles and Hot Pockets. When I chose to make a change in my diet plan, Dr. Jay's Ayurfoods Upama was one of the very first items I added to my pantry. It is now a staple in my kitchen. Most importantly, it has not only enhanced my daily performance, it has even minimized my ADD symptoms! Yes, Upama's complete spices have actually been known to relieve the signs of ADD by producing a clearheaded, relaxing impact rapidly after digestion.

Considered among the best comfort foods in India, Upama is the king of flexibility. It can be served for breakfast, lunch and dinner and can be garnished with a range of chopped vegetables and even diced tomatoes for an included kick. I even sprinkle a handful of cheese on my Upama from time to time!

I never ever need to worry about running out, due to the fact that Amazon has recently picked up the Dr. Jay's Ayurfoods Upama product line. Oh and did I mention I got FREE shipping as an Amazon PRIME member?

I had the ability to alter my diet plan and alter my life by clicking a button, boiling water, and making some delicious Upama.

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Dr. Jay's Ayurfoods Upama is influenced by the knowledge of Ayurveda, a proven system for generating health, vitality and wellness through food choices and lifestyle. Dr. Jay's UNIQUE Upama recipe provides a healthy non-GMO Wheat, Udad dal (black lentils), cashew nuts and a mix of health generating spices. This meal is quick to prepare and perfect as a hearty breakfast, light lunch, treat or side meal. It's kid approved and a much healthier option than Mac & Cheese, your entire household will like it!

– Experience 6 tasty, aromatic and savory dishes, 2-3 servings per pouch
– Simplify life and conserve time– simply cook Upama with boiling water and it's READY to EAT in SIMPLY 5 minutes
– Upama has the ideal mix of complex carbs, health generating spices, clean burning proteins and good fats to produce an excellent relaxing impact, leaving you feeling satisfied and grounded
– Delight in a safe and delicious option, specifically if you are a Vegan, Vegetarian or a non-GMO lover
– Great for camping, backpacking or outside experiences

– Made with care and with simple ingredients IN THE USA
– Natural, Vegetarian, Vegan and non-GMO
– Crafted in a wonderful balance of ALL 6 tastes needed to feel satiated: sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent
– Upama is easy to absorb, LOW in saturated fat and cholesterol, and a FANTASTIC source of Riboflavin, Calcium, Iron and Amino Acids

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