Guest December 9, 2015

I came across this neat device last week. It's called the Premiala Flavor Syringe and it's used to inject flavoring into foods! The item looks like a huge surgical syringe and you can use it to inject marinade, brine, butter, minced onion and garlic, fruit juice, mint sauce, draught beer, cola as well as pretty much whatever else you are able to imagine into meats including beef, turkey, chicken, pork and duck. But I've also utilised it for injecting jello into donuts, maple syrup into icecream, whipped cream inside cakes as well as garlic sauce in Chicken Kiev. It's so multi-functional, I keep on finding more uses for it!

The thing I love about this is that it's the only model that utilizes food-safe 304-grade stainless steel for everything coming in contact with the foodstuff, so you can be confident you're not going to contaminate your meal with aluminum or some other heavy metals. It's got a pair of different designs of needles intended for various kinds of ingredients, it comes with a great coaching and recipe e-book together with four spare o-rings for when the first ones wear out. And even though it's built like a tank, in the event that something does ever fail it's backed by a life-time warranty.

It's just about the most useful barbeque instrument I've ever bought.

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