Guest December 10, 2015

Have you ever had a roast beef, chicken or duck from some eateries that almost melt in your mouth? I’ve often considered why the roasts my partner and I make at home never quite have that same velvety, extremely succulent texture throughout. Whatever I’ve done with marinating, slow-cooking and anything else I can think of, there’s routinely some dryness and flavourlessness.

A little while back a friend and I were enjoying an evening meal in a small restaurant his friend owned in the West End, and the roast beef was the most tender I've ever tasted! “How do they do it?” I wondered aloud incredulously. “Why not just quiz the chef?” came the reply. “Here, I’ll introduce you”. Within a few minutes I was in the galley with the chef detailing the reason why I was there. “What do you guys do to get your roasts so succulent and tender? Nothing I’ve ever tried at home comes close to what I had tonight! ” He smiled, took me into a different room and opened up a wide drawer to expose about 20 large metallic syringes – each one would have to have been near to a foot long! “These”, he mentioned, “are your secret”, and pulled one unit from the drawer. “It’s the Premiala Meat Injector. The majority of people don’t know it exists but they have entirely changed the standard of meat we are able to create here. It operates by injecting marinade or other flavourings directly into the meat, so you’re not just waiting for marinade to soak through, which it never does properly; you’re actually getting the marinade right inside the meat where it can really get to work. For a large roast, we will sometimes inject close to a pint of marinade in at the least 12 spots. You’ll never get that sort of moisture just by basting. Here, take a look”, and he passed it across to me.

The first thing that surprised me was its weight – this thing was heavy! Yet it rested very comfortably in the hand and wasn’t cumbersome at all. “Stainless steel?” I inquired. “Every bit that comes into contact with the food is 304-grade stainless steel. You won’t find a skerrick of aluminium, bronze or copper in those locations, and that's why this is the only injector we’d ever trust with our customers’ food”. I inspected it meticulously and took it all apart – it was apparent it was well-made. There were two long needles about six inches long for different types of ingredients. These screwed onto a solid threaded part at the end of the barrel that had to be another four inches long. Finally there was another part containing the plunger and the rings the fingers sit in when you’re using it. I was unable to fault it, it was a top-notch piece of craftsmanship.

“Is it hard to use?” I enquired. “Not at all”, he replied. “It comes with an e-book with clear guidance plus some quality recipes – you tasted one of them tonight. In addition, they supply you with a few free o-rings, and because they’re the only things which degrade we know these will go on for a long time. We all consider them as an investment, and your experience tonight proves they’re a sensible one”.

“How can I get one??” I gushed. “We acquired ours when they were for trade only,” he replied, “but I understand they’re now available on Amazon. Check it out.”

I thanked him for enlightening me and that evening I found and purchased my own. It was every bit just like he claimed, the customer service Premiala gave me was brilliant, and it’s created such a difference to my home barbequeing now! If, like me, you hadn’t heard of this tool, get one today! It’s one purchase I will never regret!

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