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Lastly after so many years of a fridge with an Ice maker! Party regular! Ice bucket right there. Better that the cheap one that came with the ice bucket. You can seize a reasonably good amount once. Keeps the line moving!…..Now heave your hands up it the air and wave them like you just care…………….

This isn't my first ice tong, however I believe it may be my last. This is because it just nicely, so that my mother-in-law was over for dinner one night and fell in love with these tongs. So we had to buy a set for her for Christmas. They are wonderful, really top notch. If you are searching for a dependable pair of tongs, then these tongs are designed for you. We even use them for any things rather than just ice. I even use them for other things like removing boiling chopped food out of steamers all the time, they grip anything and work perfectly. The mouth is so good on the end they are perfect.

The blade lock is stable and painless, the handle no-slip, the grip on the ice is sure. How many times have you dropped a piece or two of ice while taking the ice from bowl to drink glass? I haven't released any with this pair.

They also appear good, with great design. If you are searching for Ice tong that works, buy these. If you are searching for for something with no good design produce out of silver with uncomfortable twisty handles, do not buy this.

Rubiwo Ice Tong is Dependable and Painless, the Size is Perfect, the Handle No-slip, the Grip on the Ice is Sure

– Are you tired of ice cube tong that drop of item?
– It is hateful to find your ice cube on the floor while trying to pick it.
– May be you want ice tong for your favorite party?
– The teeth assists prevent (ice cubes |sugar cube} from slipping out Grips the cubes, no slippage

Introducing Your very own Rubiwo Ice Cub Tong for a Solution

– Used these to go along with an ice bucket for a party. Worked great.
– They work well in that they are springy in nature so they grip well when you have ice at hand and then easily release so you can grab another piece. The teeth ensure your ice cube doesn't go careening across the floor.
– You can impress your friends at parties: as you buy ice tongs!
– They hook nicely over the edge of the ice bucket, or lay on a tray comfortably and are heavy enough not to blow away.

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